On 13th November, within the framework of the Mid-Term Review  2018 of the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), a relevant event took place at the ASEV (P1) premises. Purpose of the meeting was the presentation of a 7 roadmaps document containing the new technological priorities for the regional development in the field of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies, taking also in duly account the first results of the learning and exchange process developed at the interregional level with NMP-REG.

In the meeting have been committed the most important regional stakeholders coming from Universities, research centers, companies, clusters, public authorities, some of them already involved within the project. The event represented the final act of a wide participation process launched in June by ASEV – on behalf of Tuscany Region as management entithy of the regional Technological District for Advanced Material – in order to review and update the Tuscany RIS3 which directly affect the measure of the Regional Operative programme (ROP 2014-2020 and post-2020) and determines the use of ERDF funds in Research and Innovation.

In particular, two of seven roadmaps identified completely fit with NMP-REG project and, to be more specific, they are roadmap 1 (Advanced Materials for high-performance nanostructured surfaces and composites) and roadmap 2 (Smart materials for active surfaces and composites).