High youth unemployment in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Spain is particularly persistent in rural areas which lack a job market and are facing depopulation and lack of development.

Raise Youth develops a model of (self)employment, for youth NEETs with primary focus on age 25-29 based on sustainable agri-business in rural regions of EU.

In the context of the Passpartool Thematic workshop on Social Innovation and Interregional Study Visit held on the 27th and 28th of January 2021, representatives from the both projects had the opportunity to discuss on the RAISE approach, based on the premise that in rural areas NEETs have no job market to be integrated into, but have a potential for pooling resources in socially innovative ways for (self)employment and entrepreneurial approach.

By developing a social innovation, new jobs can be created and filled, using principles of sustainable development in agribusiness, especially rural tourism which is a multiplier of employment and economic development. 

All lessons learned from both initiatives will continue to be shared first within their respective partnerships´ contexts, but also and secondly, with regional stakeholders in order to improve their understanding and management regarding non-formal innovation, including its impact measurement.

FUNDECYT-PCTEX from Extremadura Region will enhance the coordination and complementarity between the RAISE and PASSPARTOOL projects.