SASD took the opportunity of participating in the PERFECT project to learn from experts from across Europe about methods on planning for Green Infrastructure, maintaining good quality and promoting its many benefits.

Alongside learning from our stakeholders and peers and gain knowledge on how to prepare for upcoming projects, SADS gathered Good Practices which can be found in their Action Plan (available here:

One of their Good Practices is BAV (Biological Activity Value - Biológiai Aktivitás Érték) which is a methodology for urban planning. The starting point is that the overall BAV cannot be lower after the revision of the Master Plan of the town than it was before. The BAVs of the different land use categories are defined in a national regulation.

The area of the specific zoned site is multiplied by the BAV of the category. The BAVs are added and calculated for two scenarios i.e. the present situation and the revised one. The calculation methodology of BAV was announced in 2007 in a national edict. (9/2007. (IV. 3.) ÖTM). The BAV calculation is needed for the elaboration of local zoning plans, especially the Structure Plan of the settlements. BAV can be a clear and useful selection criteria for project proposals submitted to MA. BAV makes the project proposals comparable and shows the biological benefits of the different design solutions

Through the partner’s good connection with Somogy County Government, they were able to channel their recommendations gathered from the PERFECT project towards decision makers of the (then) upcoming policy instruments and calls.