The PERFECT partnership has published a new expert paper on ‘place-making and green infrastructure’, exploring how and why green infrastructure is an essential component for delivering high-quality places.

At a time when we are facing housing, health, climate and biodiversity crises, we need development that seeks to address rather than exacerbates these issues. We cannot think about delivering new homes in isolation. The vision and ideas that underpinned the two Garden Cities in England remain as relevant as ever in terms of a model for sustainable place-making which has green infrastructure at its heart. Placing multi-functional green infrastructure at the core of development, and using the benefits provided to make the economic case, has been the key theme throughout the PERFECT project.

This paper has been written by Fiona Howie who is the Chief Executive of the Town & Country Planning Association, the Lead Partner of the PERFECT project.

The PERFECT expert papers are intended which are intended for an audience of policy-makers and practitioners working in local public sector organisations, as well as national and international organisations who are responsible for setting policy frameworks and investment strategies.

The PERFECT partnership has already published two other expert papers:

  • ‘Health, wealth and happiness – the multiple benefits of green infrastructure’ by Erin Gianferrara and Janine Boshoff, eftec
  • ‘Planning for green infrastructure – the Green Space Factor and lessons from Europe’ by Peter Massini, Greater London Authority and Henry Smith, TCPA

The papers can all be downloaded for free here