The 5th PLASTECO stakeholder meeting "Alternatives for fossil-based primary plastics in the value chains of regional companies" took place on January 25, 2022, at the cluster of environmental technologies Bavaria. The online event was specifically for companies from the region, who were able to inform themselves on topics such as the use of recycled materials and bioplastics In addition, the Low Waste City concept for the city of Augsburg was also taken up and further developed together with the Augsburg stakeholder group.


The event was based on the two interregional workshops within the PLASTECO project "How to facilitate the market placement of alternatives for single-use plastics" and "How to support regional businesses to invest in eco-innovation in plastic production and reuse".


After a short welcome, the workshop started with technical presentations about alternatives for fossil-based plastic, recycling and recycle quotes and bio-plastics. Afterwards companies from the greater Augsburg region introduced themselves, each pioneer in eco-innovations.


The second part began with an introduction to the topic of low-waste concepts for cities and a status report on developments in Augsburg. Afterwards, the city of Munich gave an overview of its development process to become a "zero-waste city".


After the lunch break, the topics "How can Augsburg become a Low Waste City" and "What are the barriers for regional companies to use sustainable plastics" were discussed at four topic tables. Exciting impulses for the further progress of the project and its development in the region emerged.