On the 11th of December 2019, Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency organized in Bucharest, at Radisson Blu Hotel, the first information and dissemination seminar within PLASTECO project. During this event, participants have been informed about the INTERREG PROGRAMME, PLASTECO project – goals, operational objectives, implementation period, activities, policy instruments and also the importance of their involvement in the project activities.

The event gathered 20 stakeholders, representatives of public authorities, research institutions, SMEs in the field of waste collection and recycling services, an organization that implements the obligations regarding the extended responsibility of the producer in the field of packaging and packaging waste management and associations and non-governmental organizations active in the area of waste management and environment protection.

The participants were also informed about the first input needed regarding the data collection activities in PLASTECO project and about their continuous involvement in all forthcoming project activities.

The gathered stakeholders found the objective of PLASTECO project very interesting as it concerns a real problem that Bucharest-Ilfov Region is also facing, along with all the other partner regions.