During 9, 10 and 11 February was hold the first "Technical seminar on energy transition in the local world 2022" organized by the Network of Cities and Towns towards Sustainability, and the Barcelona Provincial Council, with the support of the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) and the non-profit organization ECOSERVEIS.

This first session addressed energy poverty, delving into the diagnosis of this type of poverty, as well as the most relevant challenges and initiatives that are being carried out to reduce energy poverty in Spain. On the day of February 10, Ángel Sáez, from the dept. of Internationalization, Innovation and Singular Projects of the Andalusian Energy Agency, presented the POWERTY project and the main measures that are being carried out to overcome energy poverty through renewable energies. In particular, a pilot experience was presented that is being developed within the framework of POWERTY, for the start-up of an energy and learning community in the neighborhood of Torreblanca (Seville). This energy community is one of the first in all of Spain to be developed entirely in a vulnerable environment with a high rate of energy poverty, and is being developed in collaboration with the Torreblanca Ilumina association in Seville.

Event in Spanish here:


Agenda in Spanish here: www.agenciaandaluzadelaenergia.es/sites/default/files/EVENTOS/DOCUMENTOS/sessio_1_22_cicle_seminaris_virtuals_v3.pdf

Presentation in Spanish here: www.diba.cat/documents/63810/363011750/20220210_POWERTY_AAE_Angel_Saez.pdf/c3f6e530-72f1-e705-b16a-92cea4d00f9d

Recording in Spanish here: