All POWERTY project partners met for their last partner meeting in Hotel Exe Sevilla Macarena in Seville on 13th June 2023. 

The morning session consisted of the last Steering Committee of the project, which included a presentation by the lead partner on how to prepare the last progress report. In addition, partners  presented updates on the implementation of their action plans.

Partners also carried out a Study Visit to the Andalusian pilot project in the Torreblanca neighbourhood in Seville where they visited the 2 schools involved in the pilot.

In the first school (“Principe de Asturius” infant and primary school), partners met with the principal, teachers and other professional staff and were able to see the pv installations.

Partners also had the opportunity to visit the Energy Office which was set up within the framework of  the Andalusian pilot project and talk to the staff who run it. The staff members informed partners about offices hours, visits and general questions and concerns raised by neighbours of the Torreblanca neighbourhood. 

Partners also visited the second school (“Veléz de Guevara” infant and primary school) involved in this pilot project to see the pv installations.

During the afternoon session, a preparatory session was held among partners in order to prepare for the POWERTY Final Event on 14th June 2023.