POWERTY project involve in the creation and development of the 1st International Week of Action against Energy Poverty (IEPAW) from February 21 to 25 where throughout the week of February 21 to 25 there were interventions from 3:00 p.m. on initiatives and projects related to energy poverty in different continents: Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The first International Week against Energy Poverty is celebrated from February 21 to 25. This event brought together academics, politicians and professionals in the field of energy poverty who will participate in 5 seminars focused on finding solutions to address this problem. The first day started with a discussion on the right to energy and energy justice and each of the remaining days focused on Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Andalusian Energy Agency (AEA), which has also played a very active role in organizing this first international week against energy poverty, participated on Wednesday, February 23, in the section "Practical ways to mitigate energy poverty in Europe", in which Ruth Borrego, from the Internationalization, Innovation and Singular Projects department of AEA, presented the pilot action in the famework of the POWERTY project about the creation an energy and educational community in a vulnerable area in Seville.

 Also, Justinas Bucys, from the Public Investment and Development Agency (VIPA) presented the energy prosumer (energy production for self-consumption) model success in Lithuania.