Photo, Castiglione di Garfagnana by Eva Boer on Unsplash

PROGRESS International Training Workshop 4: Improved landscape governance for economic and environmental sustainability

Program agenda in Central European Time (CET) - (Subject to changes)

10:00 Welcome, Marina Lauri, Responsible for Agriculture, Forestation and policies for internal areas, ANCI Toscana, Italy 

10:05 About Interreg Europe PROGRESS, Besnik Mehmeti, PROGRESS Coordinator, ANCI Toscana, Italy

10:15 Introduction to the 4th Interregional Training Workshop, Jordi Pietx, PROGRESS Communication Manager at CREAF, Spain

10:25 Panel 1: ANALYSIS

●    LIFE VIVA GRASS – Integrated planning Tool of grassland management - Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvia
●    Virtual Forest – Markus Korhonen, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland
●    Environmental Sensitivity Mapping (ESM) Webtool to Support Strategic Environmental Assessment and Plan-making in Ireland - Ainhoa Gonzalez, University College Dublin, Ireland

Moderator: Janis Zvirgzdins, Riga Technical University

11:10 Discussion

11:25 Panel 2: AGREEMENTS

●    Rural-Urban Governance Arrangements and Planning Instruments: Community for Food and Agro-biodiversity - Massimo Rovai, Università di Pisa, Italy
●    Landscape Charters in Catalonia - Pere Sala i Martí, Director of the Catalan Landscape Observatory.
●    Innovation in governance for adaptation: examples from Catalonia. Annelies Broekman, CREAF

Moderator: Anabel Sánchez, Impact Officer, CREAF

12:10   Discussion

12:25 Panel 3: ACTIONS

●    Forest Restoration and Amelioration Program - Ana Isabel Morgado, Head of Forest Restoration at the Barcelona Province Council - Technical Office for the Prevention of Forest Fires and Agricultural Development, Catalonia-Spain
●    Blue Green City project - Bryan Riney, Southern Regional Assembly, Ireland
●    The Green Office as an integrated approach for going green - Attila Varga,  Municipality of Hegyvidék, Hungary

Moderator: Dragos Stefanescu, University of Craiova

13:10 Discussion

13:25 Conclusions

13:30 End of meeting

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