Just took place at the headquarters of IAT in Seville the launch of the European project REGIO-MOB, corresponding to the first call Interreg Europe, and in involving partners from Spain, Scotland, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania, international consortium led by IAT.

REGIO-MOB tackles serious mobility problems, in addition coexistence with environmental problems such as pollution and CO2 emissions increasingly facing European regions. In this sense, the project promotes the transition to increased use of sustainable transport models, intermodality, incorporating innovative technologies and the use of clean and efficient systems, among others, to improve urban mobility, removing barriers and catalyze economic growth and employment.


-Welcome from IAT at the begining of the kick-off meeting-


Therefore the main objective of REGIO-MOB is to ensure sustainable growth in Europe by promoting sustainable mobility and contributing to the improvement of the relevant policy instruments in each of the participating regions and through a process of interregional mutual learning, sharing, for example, good practices and iniciatives. It will materialize in the development of regional mobility strategies that integrate environmental, economic and social factors and make participants, from the beginning, key regional actors for the development of the sector and subsequent implementation of the strategy. 

REGIO-MOB will develop over the next four years, with a first phase (2016-2018) of regional analysis and exchange of experiences, which will be followed by another second stage (2018-2020) and focused on the implementation of concrete actions derived.

Besides IAT, REGIO-MOB leader partner, the consortium integrates:

  • Institute os Traffic and Transport Ljubljana (Slovenia)  (ωeb)
  • Regional Association of Lazio Municipalities – ANCI Lazio (Italy)  (ωeb)
  • Niepolomice Municipality (Poland)  (ωeb)
  • Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia (Romanis)  (ωeb)
  • Region of Western Macedonia (Greece)  (ωeb)
  • South-East Scotland Transport Partnership, SEStran (UK)  (ωeb)

- Family photo of the attendees to the REGIO-MOB kick-off meeting-

For any further information, please contact in IAT

Charo Camacho ([email protected]).