The fifth Exchange of Experience of RegionArts will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 05-07 November 2019. The meeting organised by SERN will focus on 'Screening existing support programmes and practices in partner regions'.

Enhancing SME competitiveness and innovation is a priority of public business support programmes. To this end, public  authorities implement different measures (vouchers, mentoring, grants). However, promoting cross-overs between sectors and particularly promoting fruitful links between artist and ICT is not obvious nor easy. In order to identify relevant experiences already going on at a regional level, a survey will be disseminated before the event among partners. Partners, policymakers and other stakeholders (ICT, artist, SMEs) will examine the strengths and weaknesses of selected programmes. Based on the results of previous activities 1, 2 and 3, we will examine how the partner’s policy instruments could integrate the selected best practices. 

Given that the event will take place in Brussels, we will try to engage with EU policy-makers in order to present the results of the project so far. A relevant study will be organised, e.g: Flanders Creative District, CETIC (Cluster on ICT Brussels).

The event agenda is available in the 'Library' section of the website.