The Policy Learning Platform organises a thematic workshop on ‘Mastering the digital transformation of business support’ on 27 November 2019. During this one-day workshop the PLP SME competitiveness thematic experts, Rene Tõnnisson and Luc Schmerber, will focus on the digital transformation of the administration and business support organisations. 

Join RegionArts in this interregional exchange with SME competitiveness experts 

Digitalisation has often been called the 'fourth industrial revolution'. The digital transformation of the European economy and public sector is of vital importance to ensure Europe's competitive advantage in the global economy and to deliver growth and jobs:

  • Completing the digital single market could raise EU GDP by at least 4%, or around EUR 520 billion at current prices. (Source: European Parliament)  
  • Single market e-commerce amounts to around EUR 204.5 billion a year (or 1.7% EU GDP). (Source: European Commission)

While digital transformation is predominantly used in a business context, it also impacts other organisations such as governments, public sector agencies and organisations in charge of providing efficient business framework conditions and support environments.

Join RegionArts and other Interreg project partners, Managing Authorities and Priority networks, and exchange experience and knowledge on 'Mastering the digital transformation of business support'.