What is magical when a traditional enterprise and a cultural-creative one work together?

The potential for innovation and the benefits of using cooperation-based business models fall on both: there are exchanges and blending of skills, an improvement in creativity and time to market, an increase in flexibility, an expansion of the product portfolio and better access to distribution channels.

Companies that actively collaborate with the world of culture and creativity tend to be more profitable and better address the challenges of innovation and the creation of new products, services and business models. Collaboration also allows cultural and creative enterprises to adopt a more business-oriented approach with the consequent improvement of business competitiveness and the achievement of economic sustainability.

In this context Area Science Park, Regione Autonomia Friuli Venezia Giulia - Direzione Centrale Cultura e Sport, Informest and Friuli Innovazione, work together on the project "Diva-Development of ecosystems and innovation value chains: supporting cross-border innovation through Creative Industries", funded by the Interreg V - Italy-Slovenia Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

The objective? To stimulate cross-fertilization processes between traditional enterprises and cultural-creative industries using co-design, art-thinking and other creative methodologies applied to entrepreneurship to generate innovation opportunities.

The first DIVA event will involve cultural operators (artists, cultural associations and cultural and creative enterprises) and traditional regional SMEs. Listening to concrete cases and testimonies of companies that have already collaborated, together with the experience of virtuous regions such as Emilia-Romagna and the voice of experts in the field, we will discover the Region's projects, funding opportunities, models and good practices to foster growth.

A morning of ideas to stimulate cooperation and innovation processes in view of the future which RegionArts will not miss! What about you?