The main aspects and objectives of the Benchmark were presented and explained:

it is a tool to share knowledge and to evaluate regional performances;

it is based on a 'circularity index' covering diverse aspects

(examined within REPLACE local analysis) from the legislative framework to the regional strategic sectors.

The Benchmark focuses on regional performances:
Which actions are the regional or managing authorities planning to deploy?
What have they already done?

The first step in the formulation of the Benchmark is to answer these two questions:

How do you measure your regional performance in the transition toward a circular economy? Which indicators are you using for that?  

Which regional instruments is your authority using to stimulate the transition to a circular economy? (E.g. procurement, human capital, regional funding)

The Benchmark will be developed to be easily used by all public authorities, allowing them to evaluate their work and to share their results; to this end, other regional public authorities will be involved in the creation of the methodology; thus, contributions from public institutions are welcomed: 

if you want to participate in the debate, please send your input to [email protected]