The Action Plans are key documents for Interreg Europe projects, since these reports are declarations of efforts by the REPLACE partners detailing how the addressed Policy Instruments will be influenced during Phase 2 (1 year from 01/08/2022 to 31/07/2023).

The Action Plan describes how the lessons learnt, the exchange of experience from the interregional cooperation and the Circularity Tours will be exploited to enhance the regional policy instruments in relation to circular economy.

Each Action Plan is a stand-alone document detailing the nature of the activities to be implemented, their time frame, the stakeholders involved, the costs and the funding sources.

Here you can find the description of the Actions and the links to the documents

Action Plan Lazio Region

Formalization Of Circular Economy Focus Sectors as Targets for the new Lazio Operational Programme 2021-2027 Under Objective B6

Action Plan NEXA (Regional Development Agency La Rèunion)

Introduce the REPLACE assessment grid for the evaluation of circular economy projects

Action Plan Lodzkie Region 

Supporting the development of circular economy in Lodzkie Region by incorporating international solutions presented within the REPLACE project into the regional programme Lodzkie 2021-2027

Action Plan Crete Region

Design of a call to support circular economy transition in the regional focus sectors of Tourism and Agri-food

Action Plan Province of Fryslàn

 Design and introduction of a voucher scheme for cross-border cooperation for circular economy

Action Plan HWWI + Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The establishment of a permanent networking structure for participative governance addressing regional circular economy actors

Action Plan North East Romania Regional Development Agency

Preparation of a call dedicated to the implementation of circular economy mechanisms in enterprises from the North-East Region

Action Plan Centro Portugal CCDRC

Inclusion of REPLACE Circular Economy evaluation criteria in a Centro 2020 call for proposals, within TO1