Over the past three years, S3Chem partners collected several good practices in their regions with valuable transfer potential. In total, the seven partner regions identified 15 good practices used to change the strategic focus of Regional Innovation Strategies, focusing on chemical issues and related funding instruments, in order to improve the policies for the promotion of innovation. For example, Saxony-Anhalt introduced the "Technology Roadmap for the Leading Market Chemistry and Bioeconomy" which supported the development of concrete innovation projects of companies and research entities. The Limburg region identified the "Brightlands Chemelot Campus Ecosystem" as a good practice that represents a unique ecosystem for open innovation in the domains of performance, biobased and biomedical materials, and R&D enabling processes. The Lombardy region established an "Open Innovation Platform" which is a collaborative tool for implementing a new policy model for the regional innovation governance system. The platform serves as a permanent communication channel for all stakeholders in accelerating the innovation process coordinated by the regional government. It creates collaboration and networks with other regions and projects that share the same idea of open innovation.

Other interesting good practices can be found online on the Policy Learning Platform.