Join the Policy Learning Platform on 15 April for a webinar on fostering the circular transformation of businesses.

The concept of the circular economy has been studied for many years. However, it only became a mainstream concept in the European Union with the adoption of the EU Circular Economy Package in 2015. Since its adoption, circular economy has gained enormous traction in EU discourse but also in national, regional and urban policy making. Circular economy strategies and action plans are mushrooming on all governance levels. Businesses are also exceedingly considering ’going circular’.

Having started by being tackled as a necessity to cope with scarcity of resources and mitigate climate change, circular economy is increasingly considered as an opportunity for economic development and a potential driver for competitiveness. It is expected that “..circular economy will boost the EU’s competitiveness.. and will locally create jobs at all skill levels.” (EU action plan for the circular economy).

What you can expect

The objective of the webinar is to present some approaches on how regional and local authorities can contribute to promote and foster the circular transition of the economy and which types of measures are used to foster the circular transition of businesses in general and SMEs in particular:

  • Soft incentives: awards, business competition
  • Market recognition: certificates
  • Financial incentives: grants, funds

During this panel session, you will gain insight into economic policies targeting sustainable development and circular economy in businesses. You will also get a detailed insight into good practices and policies that were selected for you.


  • A keynote speech will be given by Annalisa Spalazzi from and on EIT Climate KIC and their Regional Innovation Scheme
  • Alfred Vara Blanco from the Waste Agency of Catalonia, partner in the SUBTRACT and ECOSWASTE 4 FOOD projects, Member of ACR+,
  • Øyvind Lyngen Laderud from the Municipality of Kristiansand, LP of the GRESS project
  • Iain Gullan, from Zero Waste Scotland and President of ACR+

The speakers will present and discuss how different schemes can help enterprises to greener their activities and support work that will deliver circular economy growth. Examples therefore are the Catalonia Ecodesign award 2021 as a soft incentive to foster circular economy, the Eco-lighthouse in Kristiansand, Norway which is a certification that helps entreprises to greener their activities, and the Circular Economy Investment Fund in Scotland.