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Next and last SARURE meeting in Sligo (Ireland)


Next 7-8th September we celebrate the last SARURE meeting in Sligo (Ireland)...

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Jobs and tenders!


The Interreg Europe Secretariat is currently looking for one Policy Officer (10...

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Successful SARURE Final Conference


SARURE Final Conference took place in Teruel (Spain) on 19th May 2022.

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SARURE exchange of experiences in Teruel (Spain)


Exchange of experiences final meeting took place in Teruel (Spain) on 18th May...

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SARURE Final Event in Teruel (Spain)


The 18th May 2022 we celebrate in Teruel an Exchange of experiences meeting and...

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Neighbours of a town manage their basic services


Neighbors of a town buy the bar, the post office, the library and the store so...

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Our Swedish partner participates in a PLP discussion


An online discussion on the topic of "raising the competitiveness of rural SMEs...

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Firing up the Think Tank Burgenlandkreis (Germany)


The Burgenlandkreis (Germany) organised the regional competition "Our village...

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2021-2027 Programme


During the 2021-2027 programming period, we will continue to support...

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The MSRs of Teruel, an example of Social Economy


A monographic seminar addresses various experiences developed in the territory

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The G. of Aragón celebrates a retail congress


Our partner from Aragón (Spain) celebrates in Teruel a conference to disseminate...

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With the Secretary of State of Commerce in Spain


The Secretary of State of Commerce in Spain knows the Rural MultiService model...

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