An online meeting has been held with some of the members of the SARURE project, in which from Söderhamn (Sweden), he has exposed one of his outstanding practices to the partners of Burgenlandkreis (Germany) and Warmia and Mazury (Poland).

Among the Action Plans of the Save Rural Retail (SARURE) project that will be developed by the partners inspired by the good practices exchanged, one of them is the Local Food Nodes.

Local Food Nodes connects local food producers to local food consumers to empower first hand relations over food. Enable direct transactions, resilient communities and regain control over what we eat and how it is produced. A desire to make food local again.

The goal is to develop custom open source tools for small local food producers to adapt to the market on their terms. A mobile application (Local Food App) where small food producers can reach consumers without intermediaries or loss of income.

The result of this desire is an open digital tool where food producers present their food, local consumers order what they like and payments go straight from consumer to producer. Deliveries and pick up of food takes place at a predetermined place and time, this is called a node, this is the physical location where the consumers and producers meet. This type of organization enables producers to deliver to multiple consumers at the same time while consumers can pick up food from many different producers.