The Regional Development Agency of Murcia is implementing a new scaling up programme for local start-ups

The Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO Murcia), lead partner of SCALE UP, just lunched a new programme which aims to facilitate the scaling up process for regional SMEs.

This new programme consists in a guidance and support for innovative and high-growth start-ups for their scaling at the level of product improvement, a marketing plan, a financial structure, a value proposition improvement and an investment pitch approach.

The programme is open to any company registered under the form of a limited company (minimum 6 months), to any company that has a registered office in the Region of Murcia and has a minimum viable product of an innovative product or service. In addition, INFO Murcia requests also a summary of the business Project stating the scalability of the business model.

Selection criteria are:

  • Having a business model scalability;
  • Having a product or service easy to be internationalized;
  • Having a commercial pitch;
  • Having a detailed analysis of your main competitors.

Click here to see more details about the launch of this programme for scaling up of start-ups in the Murcia region.

INFO Murcia launched a 3-weeks open call. Only 10 start-ups will be selected for the programme which consist of 6 weeks of practical training (24 hours in total) and 12 workshops. In addition, the selected SMEs can benefit from a follow-up mentoring in four the upcoming months. In that phase, start-ups can have up to 8 sessions (1.5 hour each) with the experts of INFO Murcia.

The open call for regional start-ups is open until the 22nd of July 2022. The selected companies should be able to benefit from this new programme from the 2nd half of September. A kick-off meeting of the programme in Murcia, in a face-to-face format, is foreseen. However, workshops and individual mentoring sessions will be held in a hybrid format.

The theoretical part of the programme will cover six areas:

  • Digital ecosystem.
  • Business models/Methodologies.
  • Marketing/Consummer.
  • Finance/Investment Pitchs.
  • Personal and organisational skills.
  • Global trends and business opportunities.

The 12 workshops, indeed, will deal with other topics:

  1. Digital panorama and digital ecosystem. Session on who the main players in the digital ecosystem are and what the current panorama of national/international entrepreneurship looks like. Traditional business model vs entrepreneurship.
  2. Digital business models. Analysis of the main business models of large players: Amazon, Google, Meta, Netflix.
  3. Startups Fundamentals. Lean Startup model, Business model Canvas, planning tools, Ycombinator models, MVPs.
  4. Mindset Digital. The job profiles that work in start-ups are explained, the Knowmads + Soft Skills profiles are explained. Growth hacking.
  5. Storytelling. Participants will learn how to build narratives to sell product or investment pitch
  6. Customer Journey. Analysis of the user's customer journey and the purchase funnel and what tools to use in each segment.
  7. Marketing Plan. How to generate an effective marketing plan on all channels. Online sales, apps, marketing campaigns, lead generation, content strategy. Growth Marketing.
  8. Financial scaling up. How to financially manage the scaling up, from the first rounds of investment to series A. How to make the pre money/post money valuation. Exits.
  9. Superconsummer. Evolution of consumers and their habits, trends regarding forms of consumption. Forms of distribution and B2C approach.
  10. Customer Experience. Methodology on how to carry out a project to reconfigure an organization capable of generating experiences for its customers and increasing profitability. Case studies of successes and failures.
  11. Vision of brands in the personal environment. How to impact the consumer. Targets and person buyers. Focus on walled gardens/social environments, distribution of impacts. Branding
  12. Trends. Global trends on disruptive technology and business opportunities. Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, Daos, AI, IOT, AR/VR/MR

The first outcomes of this programme are expected in Spring 2023. This programme for start-up is part of the Action Plan of the Murcia Region developed in the framework of the Interreg SCALE UP project.