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Interreg Scale Up’s lasting impact


Interreg Scale Up consortium is proud to share with you the improvements it has...

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Murcia, scaling programme closes


Last 26th January, our lead partner, INFO Murcia, closes the scaling up...

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Business scaling up


SCALE UPproject held its final conference in Murcia, Spain, last 18 November...

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SCALE UP final conference


The SCALE UP final conference will take place on Friday 18 November 2022 in...

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INFO MURCIA: scaling up program


Last 6 of October 2022, our lead partner INFO Murcia organised a face-to-face...

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Implementation of Nottingham Action Plan


Our British collegues are supporting companies on their growth journey and...

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Lublin continues to support local SMEs


The Lubelskie Region administration and the universities want to combine their...

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Attica Region ready to implent its action plan


The action plan of Attica region will be implemented in 2023

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INFO Murcia: scaling up programme


INFO Murcia, lead partner of SCALE UP, just lunched a new programme which aims...

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5th newsletter translated into national languages


The fifth newsletter of the SCALE UP project has been translated into all the...

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Ideas powered for business


SCALE UP consortium would like to inform you about interesting new project Ideas...

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Nottingham to implement equity support for SMEs.


The Action Plan has a core focus on transferring the concept of the ‘Subsidies...

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