INFO Murcia closes the scaling up programme 2022

The SCALE UP Murcia action plan has contained a training and mentoring programme consisting of a Guidance and support for innovative and high-growth startups for their scaling at the level of product improvement, marketing plan, financial structure, value proposition improvement and investment pitch approach.

The staff from INFO Murcia have addressed the policy instrument 1, in the Regional operative program ERDF Murcia Priority 3a Fostering the business spirit facilitating economic exploitation of new ideas and promoting the creation of startups, too through incubators.

In this programme INFO Murcia worked on scaling up 10 scalable companies this year, the business growth department together with the European Projects department and EURADA - The European Association of Development Agencies, held the closing event of the programme webinar (informative talk) addressed to startups and stake holders in scale and reported about the coming implementation of the scale up programme.

The event on January 26th, 2023 is the closing of the training programme where the 9 participating scalers made a presentation pitch to make themselves known, completing the programme with a workshop on digital transformation.