The implementation of the Action Plan in Gdańsk foresees different tasks. As a result of the audits in 10 pilot schools, a number of measures were proposed to improve the safety of children on their way to school.

One of them is the introduction of the Kiss and Ride, (Kiss & Ride, K&R) zones, a parking solution widely used in many European cities.

The Kiss & Ride zone is a designated place for a short stop (approx. 1-2 minutes), in the immediate vicinity of the school, to increase the safety of children taken to lessons by their parents. The general rule is that you can safely drop off a passenger in a place where parking is limited. These signs appear in places with a high rotation of parked cars:

Unfortunately, we are still dealing in Gdańsk with carefree parents who, while driving their children to school, put other students in danger. 

Quite recently, new bicycle solutions and new KISS & Ride bays have been introduced in Gdansk. They are located in the following places:

  • ul. Emilii Hoene - marking the parking bay at Primary School No. 19 as Kiss & Ride zone,
  • ul. Człuchowska - marking the parking bay at Primary School No. 12 as Kiss & Ride zone,
  • ul. Cistercian - designation of the bicycle counterline and arrangement of the vertical signage,
  • ul. Platinum - designation of bicycle lanes,
  • ul. Suburban - designating a pedestrian crossing with a bicycle crossing.