On October 18th, 2021, Regional Development Agency JSC (ARR) is organising Local Info Day on the SILVER SMEs project.

One person out of five was over 60 in Lubuskie in 2016. The forecast of the population of the Lubuskie Voivodeship until 2050 predicts that the share of older people (60 years and more) in 2050 will be 40.6%. People from this group have specific needs in terms of housing and dedicated products and services. All sectors need to adapt to growing needs of older adults, especially in rural areas.

The meeting will aim at presenting the first results of SILVER SMEs. After two years of interregional exchanges, ARR will introduce the key findings and illustrate with some best practices to demonstrate how other regions have been successful in supporting SMEs of the Silver Economy. It will also present the first suggestions on how our regional policies can better support the sector.