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SILVER SMEs’ farewell newsletter is online!


SILVER SMEs is coming to an end, after 5 years of successful interregional...

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Discover our results at a glance in our factsheet!


SILVER SMEs is coming to an end, and it is time to take a look back at the...

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Soča Valley’s Action Plan for a rural Silver Economy


Today we meet with Vesna Kozar, Project Manager at the Soča Valley Development...

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SILVER SMEs’ 14th newsletter is available!


SILVER SMEs has made great progress in the last few months! We are still...

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Eurasanté’s Action Plan steps up the Silver Economy


Today we meet with Alice Charlet, Project Manager at Eurasanté in Lille...

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SILVER SMEs held its final conference in Brussels


The rural Silver Economy is supported by European and regional policies as well...

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Lubuskie's actions drive the silver social economy


Today we meet with Dorota Bazuń, PhD at the Sociology Institute of the...

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The EU Commission promotes the Silver Economy


Rural Europe is ageing, but the Silver Economy can be part of the solution. This...

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Partners visit good practices in Dalarna


SILVER SMEs organised its 6th partners meeting on 19 and 20 October 2022 in...

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Relive our session at the #EURegionsWeek!


Last October, SILVER SMEs was present at the2022 edition of the European Week of...

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The European Commission publishes its care strategy


In the post COVID-19 pandemic context, combined with demographic change, the...

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What links Smart Villages and the Silver Economy?


Smart Villages seek solutions rooted in the local territory that can generate...

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