The 4th International workshop of the SMART-MR project was held in Gothenburg/Kungälv 12th and 13th of December. More than 70 experts participated in total. The workshop, organized by The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities and Kungälv Municipality, discussed what recommendations and guidelines for developing Station Communities is needed for creating sustainability. International predictions show that urbanization in Europe is high and increasing. This could potentially result in increased congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

The theme for the workshop was development of and around transports nodes (T.O.D.). Development in Station Communities are often referred to as Transit Oriented Development. The aim is to increase regional accessibility while not missing out on local qualities. Densification was shown as a method for in-creasing the population and thereby giving a reason for further development. At the same time development should not diminish the need for green qualities and buildings in a human scale.

During the workshop a site visit of the Ytterby station community within the Kungälv Municipality was organized. The purpose of the Walk&Talk workshop, organized in collaboration with the Mistra Urban Futuresproject Urban Station Communities, is to showcase a participatory approach to site investigation and analysis related to the planning of urban station communities. Both European experts and local experts from Kungälv municipality participated to showcase the methodology.

The results of the workshop are presented in the 4th SMART-MR Newsletter (available at “Library”).