Transforming European Metropolitan Regions - Smart Mobility for Better Liveability

26-27 November 2020

For the last five years, the SMART-MR project, funded by the Interreg Europe program, has helped deepen the knowledge on what measures need to be taken in order to achieve a more resilient transport system at the regional level. It has done so through the exchange of ideas and experiences between the project partners, as well as through the development of action plans for each of the participating regions. SMART-MR brings together 10 project partners from 8 metropolitan regions (Oslo, Göteborg, Helsinki, Budapest, Ljubljana, Rome, Porto and Barcelona).

In the course of two mornings, we will present the main results of the SMART-MR project, additionally, we will have mobility, transport and health experts share their thoughts on some of the key aspects in the transition to low-carbon mobility in Metropolitan regions, also in the current situation. This final event aims to share this knowledge and present the main conclusions as we develop low-carbon mobility.

Full Agenda of the Web-conference

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