On 22 September 2022, representatives of SMARTY partners from the Lapland (Finland) and Catalonia (Spain) regions participated in the webinar 'How to turn the theory of industry 5.0 into practice', hosted by the Policy Learning Platform of Interreg Europe. During the event, the members of the Interreg Europe community had the opportunity to get familiar with this new concept by hearing from experts about innovative policies and practices fitting to the concept of Industry 5.0.

Kristiina Jokelainen from the Regional Council of Lapland presented the region's Green Deal, a Good Practice identified by the SMARTY project partners that is available in the Policy Learning Platform. The presentation focused on how fostering the adoption of the green and digital transition on the regional level contributes to the achievement of goals set by the Industry 5.0 paradigm and how it goes beyond Industry 4.0 goals.  

Kristiina Jokelainen Regional Council of Lapland: Lapland's Green Deal - Fostering the adoption of the Green Transition and Digitalisation 

A second SMARTY Good Practice was showcased by Sergio Martínez Pérez from the Economic Development Department of the Government of Catalonia. He explained how smart specialisation strategies can be connected to Industry 5.0 paradigm and how can education and research activities be better tailored and used for supporting the implementation of the main goals of Industry 5.0.

Sergio Martínez Pérez (Government of Catalonia): Territorial shared agendas to accelerate the green and digital transitions

The full webinar recording, presentations and key takeaways are available at www.interregeurope.eu/find-policy-solutions/webinar/how-to-turn-the-theory-of-industry-50-into-practice.