Project Events

Regional stakeholder meeting in Logroño, Spain


The first stakeholder meeting in Spain introduced the project to the regional...

Type: Project

First SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Romania


The first stakeholder meeting focused on the regional policy instruments for...

Type: Project

SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Wiesbaden, DE


On January 23, 2020, the first German SMEPlus stakeholder meeting took place in...

Type: Project

Stakeholder meeting in Austria


The first very constructive meeting with the local SMEPlus stakeholders in...

Type: Project

Austrian stakeholder meeting, Eisenstadt


First discussions about contents of the Austrian workshop and the study visit...

Type: Project

SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Netherlands


The Province of Groningen hosted the first SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in...

Type: Project

Energy efficiency benefits: SMEPlus study visit

27/11/2019 - 29/11/2019

To better understand how industrial SMEs in the region deal with energy...

Type: Project

SMEPlus kick-off: policies for SME and project start


The SMEPlus partners met for a kick-off meeting and agreed on the project work...

Type: Project