In the last quarter of the year our project was presented in Spain in front of different audiences.

A Turkish delegation from Ruritage

In September we received, in Soria, Spain, a Turkish delegation from the Ruritage project, composed of a dozen specialists in rural areas. The Ruritage project "turns rural areas into laboratories to demonstrate natural and cultural heritage as an engine of regeneration", as can be read on your website.

The visit was an interesting exchange of experiences in which our guests also met some other projects that are developed in the Spanish rural environment.

Visit of a leader of Partido Popular

In October we received the visit of Carmen Navarro, politician of the Popular Party of the Castilla-La Mancha region, accompanied by members of the PP of Soria. The PP representative met firsthand the SOCENT SPAS project and was very interested in collaborative work between European regions.

Presentation at the Presura fair

Our project was presented in the Ágora section of the third edition of the Presura fair. Presura is a unique event in Spain, celebrated in Soria, the most unpopulated province in the country. With more than 5,000 visitors in its three days, Presura aims to present a dynamic and optimistic image of the rural environment.

Visit of representatives of three regions of the Basque Country

The regions of Enkarterri, Montaña Alavesa and Valles Alaveses are the most rural in the Basque Country and the ones that suffer the most from the depopulation problem. A delegation of these three areas, composed of mayors and rural development managers, learned about the details of our project.

Two workshop in Pamplona

SOCENT SPAs was presented in two workshops on rurality, organized by the Observatory of Social Reality of the Government of Navarra, Spain. About 60 people attended the two sessions of the workshop.