On July 6th 2021 a joint Regional Stakeholder Group workshop took place as a part of next rounds of consultations with regional stakeholders in Poland, organized by START EASY Polish partners:

• Lublin Science and Technology Park (Lubelskie group, 3rd round of consultations)

• Mazovia Development Agency (Mazowieckie group, 4th round of consultations)

The meeting was organized online, on ZOOM communication platform.

Focused on the national OSS biznes.gov.pl platform, the topic of the meeting put specific attention on one-stop shop agenda in Poland, titled:

• Directions for the development of regional one-stop shops (OSS) as a complementary entrepreneurship support system with services offered by business.gov.pl

The reason for Polish START EASY project partners to choose the topic was based on the project methodology recommendations, but also due to the natural fact that digitalization of and easier access to public administration services and policy support instruments are gathering more and more attention. Thus, few special guests were invited to introduce the current state-of-art at of one-stop shop model on national and regional level, so to build better synergies across the levels:

• OSS (Interreg Europe) project – Mr. Marek Duda, Director of National and International Projects and Programs Department, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

• national OSS platform biznes.gov.pl – Ms. Marianna Sidoroff, Deputy Director of the Digital Economy Department, Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology

• network of investors and exporters service centers – Mr. Mirosław Odziemczyk, Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Polish Investment and Trade Agency, responsible for cooperation with Special Economic Zones

The meeting was divided into two parts – presentations of good practices and state-of-art of Polish and European one-stop shops and related initiatives, and discussion on how to build a model for regional one-stop shops complementary to national government-led platform biznes.gov.pl, offering basic informational and administrative services for entrepreneurs starting and running their business in Poland.

Due to the meeting objective, some basic indicators were presented in regard to the national OSS platform biznes.gov.pl (10 years of operations), as of June 2021:

a) user-related indicators:

• cumulative number of views: 139.3 Mln (74.3% through organic search)

• number of monthly views: 5.5 Mln (growth by 61.6% on the year-on-year basis)

• number of monthly users: 1.0 Mln (growth by 17.1% on the year-on-year basis)

• number of interactions with the Support Center: 25.3 Mln

b) service-related indicators:

• 300 articles (content blocks)

• 1200 service descriptions

• 400 simple digital services

• Support Center

• Entrepreneur Account

• Data Warehouse