Project Events

Krakow Succession Seminar


STOB regions Polish partner Malopolska region will attend and present in the...

Type: Project

6th Workshop & Peer Review in Romania

26/09/2018 - 27/09/2018

The sixth Interregional policy learning workshop & peer review of the STOB...

Type: Project

5th workshop in Denmark

26/06/2018 - 27/06/2018

The topic of the fifth meeting was "Valuation, rating and maintenance of value...

Type: Project

47th GAP symposium

18/05/2018 - 20/05/2018

47th edition "Contemporary Economy and Public Administration", a scientific...

Type: Project

Transeo European SME Transfer Summit 5th Edition

17/05/2018 - 18/05/2018

The leading event in Europe on “transfer of business”, Transeo European SME...

Type: Project

Experience Fair

24/04/2018 - 25/04/2018

STOB regions attended the Interreg Europe Experience Fair - Journey through...

Type: Project

4th workshop in Bulgaria

21/03/2018 - 22/03/2018

The topic of the fourth meeting in Plovdiv in Bulgaria is "Different target...

Type: Project

3rd Workshop in Poland

13/12/2017 - 14/12/2017

The first day was dedicated to introducing the participants to the focus of the...

Type: Project

2nd workshop and peer review in Finland

26/09/2017 - 27/09/2017

The second meeting of the STOB regions project partners took place on 26th and...

Type: Project

STOB regions first project meeting

28/03/2017 - 30/03/2017

The first meeting of the STOB regions project partners took place on 28th - 30th...

Type: Project