Need a short and succinct holistic approach of the current challenges faced by succession and business transfer in nine European regions?  Want to understand the solutions and support available in the form of good practices that can overcome these challenges? Need more information on the instruments available to support business transfer? Want to keep up to date with the progress of the STOB regions' project?

The STOB regions newsletter is issued quarterly and highlights the accomplishments, good practices, events, workshops and overall developments of the project.

Edition History

Newsletter #1 Published 02/18 (ENG)

Newsletter #2 Published 05/18 (ENG)

Newsletter #3  Published 09/18 (ENG)

Newsletter #4  published 01/19 (ENG)

Newsletter #5 published 03/19 (ENG)

Newsletter #6 published 06/19 (ENG)

Wrap up Newsletter #7 12/19 (ENG)

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