Pilot actions are implementation-related activities dedicated to testing a new approach. This usually refers to the transfer of existing practices between partner regions. But it can also relate to a new initiative jointly designed by the partner regions during phase 1 and jointly implemented in phase 2.

After SYMBI phase 1, 2 Pilot Actions have been requested by Partner 5 - Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (Slovenia) and Lead Partners - FUNDECYT PCTEX (Extremadura - ES) and approved by Interreg Europe JS on July 2019.

01 GOAL  

Pilot Action in Extremadura, called SYMBIEX 2030, is mainly focus on how Industrial Symbiosis can help to the transition to Circular Economy, inspired in the lessons learnt during exchange of experience activities (e. g. Manresa in Spain, FISS- Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System, or Kalundborg in Denmark ). It is aimed to develop a network that brings together regional actors, mainly companies already performing activities related to Circular Economy in a first stage to try to promote industrial symbiosis in practice.


To get that purpose main activities would be awareness creation about alternative uses of by-product among regional companies through visits, workshops and training, networking to get mutual trust and professional advice in order to identify the best use of their by-product.

- Identification regional companies identifying the waste produced as a result of their productive processes.

- Train the staff with necessary skills to identify symbiosis potential and advice companies properly.

- Collection of regional companies information in a geolocalized database (on-line map).

- Analysis of possible use of by-products or waste produced by companies in their productive processes.

- Identification and analysis of existing supporting tool that helps with the industrial symbiosis process to select the most appropriate to test it.

-    Organization of regional workshops for companies dedicated to exchange of by-products.


At the end of this process we expect to identify at least 1 project establishing an effective connection between regional companies (from by-product to resource).

Pilot action results will give us the evidence and knowledge about what regional companies needs to carry out an Industrial Symbiosis project: if they need specific research for further use of by-product, or if they need mentoring and guidance from an external expert, if they need the right contact, or they need financial resources.


Main target of this Pilot Action are Regional companies based in Extremadura, they will benefit from professional advice on how to improve their waste or by-products in a more effective way.

It is important the role that will play the Office for the Regiona Strategy of Green and Circular Economy in Extremadura - Extremadura 2030