On November 23rd, findings and approaches from TraCS3 for Bremen will be presented to the public in a digital dissemination event and stakeholder workshop. So far more than 20 interested participants from politics, companies, and science, as well as further representatives from innovation infrastructures in Bremen, have registered. 

Under the heading “Innovation Support in the State of Bremen - Strengths and Needs for Action from the Perspective of Innovation Promoters”, the TraCS3 project team of the Institute for Labour and the Economy (Institut Arbeit und Wirtschaft, or iaw) will present the results of their qualitative and quantitative survey on the institutions that support and promote innovation in the State of Bremen. "In the course of the project, we found out that innovation support in the state of Bremen is based on, and provides, a large variety of services to support research and development, innovative companies, founders and start-ups," states Günter Warsewa, project leader in Bremen and deputy director of the iaw. In addition, we were able to work out several suggestions and approaches for the future innovation strategy in Bremen. We look forward to present and discuss them during the event." 

Picture: unsplash