The meeting held on Tuesday April 28 of partner CEEI Albacete with different companies will bring changes to projects currently in progress, such as TraCS3.

The crisis generated by COVID-19 will bring an unprecedented acceleration towards the digitization and innovation of companies. This is due to new consumption habits from home, the regulations that exist and will come on topics such as safety and hygiene, and the recommendation of limiting travels, turning telework or virtual meetings into a reality and a necessity.

Business models will be disrupted and companies need to anticipate and increase resilience in the face of a changing present.

All these variables, as well as the real impact for the economy and innovation in the business related to the present confinement has been disussed with Albacete companies during the virtual meeting. These topics of discussion were done thanks to a virtual round table that CEEI Albacete, together with a group of companies from different sectors.

Knowing the real and current situation of the companies is a vital need for CEEI Albacete, as it will affect new training initiatives that are being planned, as well as strategic changes in projects currently underway. Such is the case of TraCS3, a European project involving CEEI Albacete. In which, together with other partners in the field of research and innovation, a strategic plan is being drawn up in the region with regard to R&D&I, and which will inevitably be updated, because of a change in the needs, financing and relations between the entities.