The chain of TRAM project’s PRWs analysing our Action Plans continues on 21 November 2018 with the workshop dedicated to PP4 - Municipality of Miskolc.

The goal of the PRW was getting the project ITRE experts together to discuss the proposed best practices of PP4, along with the clearly defined and developed project methodology framework, along with the deepening reasons and issues of selected partner actions.

The objectives of PRWs to get impressions and mutual learning process from Action Plans of partners and give further advices or proposals to realize the best results and finalizing of best practices was fully achieved.

PP4’s action plan contains four actions aiming at improving the sustainable and intelligent mobility towards construction and expansion of existing bicycle pathway, taking advantage of smart mobile applications to get more real feedbacks from bikers. In addition, increasing green spaces in the downtown area, integrated with pedestranisation, furthermore to develop intelligent and smart transport systems e.g. E-ticketing and Intelligent Traffic Management system.

After PP4 Action Plan review, the meeting continued with the visiting of PP3 partners and stakeholders in the city centre, in collaboration with local public transportation company i.e. MVK get more details and real insights in local context to the Green Arrow project: tram line reconstruction developments and intelligent passenger information system, likewise the intelligent traffic management system of Miskolc, as well.