Project News

The European Reality of SUMP, 26 Oct. 2017


The Conference is organized by the IR-E project REFORM, in cooperation with the...

Type: Project

Convention on Sustainable Mobility, 15-16 Sept. 2017


The convention on Sustainable Mobility will take place on the 15 and 16 of...

Type: Project

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, 26 June 2017


TRAM will participate to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning workshop: a...

Type: Project

JS is Looking for a Finaciale Project Officer


The Interreg Europe Secretariat is currently looking for a Project Finance...

Type: Project

TRAM Low Emission & Green Transport


The first International Thematic Workshop on Low Emission and Green Transport

Type: Project

Forum on Sustainable Urban Mobility


The Notrh West Regional Development Agengy wuold take part to a Forum on...

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