TRINNO's final High-level political event was originally planned in Brussels. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this couldn't happen and we had to think of an alternative.

TRINNO partners developed an engagement process, working with stakeholders not only for one day, at a final event, but throughout the Action Plan implementation phase.

This page documents the engagement process for each TRINNO region and provides material from the Final (virtual Conference) held on 25 November 2020 (material coming soon).

TRINNO and local stakeholders in Tuscany

Interviews with: 

  1. Paolo Baldi, Director of training and Education, Regional Government of Tuscany
  2. Albino Caporale, Director of Production, Regional Government of Tuscany
  3. Prof. Lorenzo Zanni, Unversity of Siena

 TRINNO and local stakeholders in Slovenia

 Action plan achievement overview

Interviews with:

      2) Marlen Skarlovnik, Ministry of Economic development and technology 

      3) Mija Bokal, LAG Heart of Slovenia


Engagement process in Hungary

  1. Hungarian engagement process overview
  2. Invest in Csogrand county: the website portal
  3. Inteview with Prof. Gábor Szabó, CEO of ELI-ALPS

TRINNO and local stakeholders in Ireland

  1. The role of stakeholders within the Irish Action Plan: Roscommon and Leitrim point of view
  2. A policy perspective from David Minto, Director of the Northern and Western Regional Assembly