TRINNO Final Conference on-line on 25th November!

Interregional cooperation for digital innovation in traditional enterprises

TRINNO brought together 5 regions to address a common challenge: SMEs in traditional sectors struggle to keep up with industrial modernisation. They need a dynamic business support system, a system that helps enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of digital innovation in these traditional sectors. 

Join us for the final conference, on-line on 25th November 2020, to find out how partners addressed this challenge!

What can you expect from the event?

• Inspiration on how public policy can help traditional SMEs to innovate

• Ideas on how to make the most of interregional cooperation

• Interaction and networking with partners, stakeholders and the Interreg Europe programme

• Something fun and active….

More information on the full agenda to follow! In the meantime, registration is already available here and you can learn more about TRINNO and about why you should attend the conference on our webpage and social media.  

A short round-up video of the event

If you missed our Final Conference, don't worry. We have prepared a short round-up video of the event. Take a look:


Final Conference Agenda