Due to the restrictive measures for the containment of Covid-19, WaVE project partners met online for a 3-day meeting (30th - 31st March and 1st April).

The meeting was originally planned in the Danish city of Aarhus. 

Central phase of the meeting was the interregional learning process (IKES International Knowledge Exchange Sessions) through bilateral knowledge exchange sessions during which each partner shared the analysis of their Regional Status Quo and Good Practices identified in their territory or region.

The objective of the project is to develop a plan of concrete actions that can be achieved through the ability to influence regional policies. The Good Practices learned from the other partners, suitably adapted to the needs of each reality, are the basis for the elaboration of the Action Plans.

Meeting online instead of in person was not the same thing, but the 3 days were extremely fruitful, the climate was positive and the collaboration was strong. Digital empathy is possible!

In the coming weeks the partners will have the opportunity to schedule further bilateral meetings to exchange questions and insights on good practices. 

The Good Practices will be presented by each partner to its stakeholders during the LSG meetings in May.