As the active phase of the project is coming to end, also the Action Plan process is being finalized. Here’s what has been happening in Finland

The Action Plan of South Ostrobothnia, Finland was validated by regional stakeholders in spring and approved by the Joint Secretary with positive feedback at the end of July. The Action Plan answers to the needs and challenges identified in the region and consists of concrete activities. The implementation of actions has started in all five actions. They are all new projects to be prepared and funded from the policy instruments addressed. 4 out of 5 actions have already got funding and are fully running with more future plans in building.

The themes and Actions in the Action Plan of South Ostrobothnia are:

Developing the regional agri-food cluster

  • ACTION 1.1. Food Technology Knowledge and Competence Centre
  • ACTION 1.2. Food Province 2030 strategy

Education and know-how in agri-food sector digitalization

  • ACTION 2: DigiFarmi-project: Education for farmers in digitalisation and new technologies

Developing utilization of data in the food value chain

  • ACTION 3.1: Establishing Regional Data-Cooperative for farmers
  • ACTION 3.2: Combining data to reduce surplus food: PAJATSO

The Regional Dissemination Event was postponed from spring due pandemic. The event was organized live on Friday 8th October in Seinäjoki. It was one of the first project events organized in the region, and it was very nice to meet stakeholders face to face and enjoy the atmosphere outside Teams, in the beautiful premises of Kalevan navetta. The project, Action Plan process and the general content were presented, and all of the Actions and their current state were presented by the implementing actors. In the small but engaged audience we had people from all the key stakeholder groups from managing authorities to farmers. 

As additional activity not included in the Action Plan but connected to the learning process of Regions4Food, there was also presented a new education: Agri-Food Engineering. It also got inspiration partly from the Good Practices presented in Regions4Food. 

The process has been very fruitful, and the Action Plan binds together important activities developing the agri-food sector digitalisation in South Ostrobothnia.

Read the South Ostrobothnia Action Plan

Read the Finnish brochure.