A new regional Hub dedicated to Agrifood Tech in Pays de la Loire thanks to Regions4Food project

As foreseen in the regional action plan developed within REGIONS 4FOOD project, in 2022, the Agrifood Tech Hub has been launched. This working group will gather many stakeholders from the Agrifood sector and will help to structure the regional ecosystem. Together with the Regional Council, the regional Chamber of agriculture and the Food Technocampus will coordinate this Hub and co-drive the different activities with the regional stakeholders.

New positive impacts are also expected from the EDIH DIVA* project which has just been selected by the EC, since DIVA and the Agrifood Tech Hub will closely cooperate in order to boost the digitization and the artificial intelligence development within the agrifood sector.


New actions in the regional 2021-2027 ERDF OP thanks to REGIONS 4FOOD Project.

The REGIONS 4FOOD Project has had a direct impact on the regional ERDF Programm in Pays de la Loire. A new measure has been included in the 2021-2027 ERDF OP in order to “take advantage of the digitization for citizens, businesses, research and public authorities”, knowing that “digitization is a challenge for all activities, beyond the digital sector itself: in agriculture, the use of robots and tools for decision-making is growing”.

In addition, at the regional level, a digital regional roadmap’s writing is in progress. The agrifood tech sector‘s needs have been included in this strategic document, notably regarding the demand on training and expertise.