The 2nd Bulgarian Regional Stakeholders Workshop took place on 02 November 2020, in the Conference Room of the AQUA Hotel in Varna, Bulgaria.

With the title "How to turn coastal activities - of tourism and recreation - zero-waste?", this event was organized by PP4 - Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA).

The Project Coordinator Mrs. Mariana Ivanova (PP4-UBBSLA) started with a welcome presentation, where she thanked the participants for their presence and briefly explained the event and the UBBSLA participation in the CAPonLITTER project. After the greeting, she present the CAPonLITTER progress, namely the results of ILE#1, ILE#2 and ILE#3 - as well as its objectives, the consortium and the participatory process that will occur along the project.

The participants then started discussing and working on the construction of Good Practices for the Black Sea Region of Bulgaria. During the workshop, the participants developed, presented and discussed four Good Practices:

Campaing "MY BLACK CITY" in Burgas City

Each year, different events are scheduled:

  • Cleaning the beach of Burgas 
  • Campaign "My Black Sea" 
  • Discussion with the children from the Children's Parliament on "Ecological problems of the Black Sea."
  • Distribution of the leaflet "Black Sea - destiny and future" to the citizens of Burgas.
  • Radio show of the journalist club, dedicated to the International Day of the Black Sea.
  • Opening of the exhibition of works of children who participated in the National Competition for drawing and photograph "The sea is not for a vacation only".

Divers cleaning the Black Sea seabed of the port of Kiten summer resort

Divers cleaning the Black Sea port of one of the most popular Black Sea summer resorts – “Kiten”. The campaign is initiated by the divers from diving clubs to the Association "Tehnikal Diving Bulgaria" and is part of the "Let's clean Bulgaria for one day" national campaign. The campaign includes diving centers "Deep Blue", "Sredets" - Kiten, "Aqua Sub" and "old Adventure" - Sozopol, "Crazy Shark" - Kavatsite and diving club "Under water." 

Campaign “To reduce waste in school, to clean the beach” – Nesebar

Over 2 tons of waste were removed from the Black Sea near the Port of Nessebar.  "Last year, three divers participated, this they are five. The local diver club members promised every year to increase the number of people who are involved in this action. However, it is voluntary and joyful when we can see that there are people who want completely free to do something good", said the enthusiastic diver seconds before diving into the water. Beside divers from Nessebar, in the cleaning action participated also visiting representative of the water sports club "Saint Nicholas" - Sofia.

The decision of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Federation water sports this year, all 12 clubs participating in the initiative to clean the Black Sea seabed. Clubs are from Varna, Burgas, Devnya, Primorsko, Shabla, Sozopol. In 2011 was launched the first campaign in Nessebar share the cleaning part of the Black Sea and urged others to follow the example. In 2020 so many people responded to this initiative with aim to clean not only the country side in Bulgaria but also the water areas.

"Improving the ecological status of the Black Sea waters to the shores of Pomorie town, Bulgaria"

During the project envisages the following activities:

  • Organizing a "round" table discussion on the prevention of the Black Sea water and the participation and influence of young people in decision-making in the Secondary School in Pomorie town. Information such as articles and lectures concerning pollution and its impact on the flora and fauna are provided to participants in the "round" table. An expert from the Pomorie Municipality is invited to present to the students the activities of municipalities and their efforts to fight against pollution. Two "round" tables are held - one with students in third grade and another - a fourth class. All materials used during this event are suitable for the age of the participants. By the time of participation have volunteered about 30 students per event. Teachers are very supportive in conducting "round" table, so anticipate them to have a leading role in the manifestation of the children.
  • Conduct and information and education campaing aimed at citizens of Pomorie town.
  • Campaign dedicated to the International Black Sea Day - October 31 including drawing contest, essay contest and the essay on "Our unique Black Sea" clean beach of Pomorie town, conducting "open" lessons in Secondary School "Ivan Vazov".


At the end of the event, Mrs. Mariana Ivanova, the UBBSLA CEO thanked to everybody for their presence and informed that the stakeholders may follow the CAPonLITTER project web page where they will be informed on the results of this workshops and on the activities of the CAPonLITTER project.

You may find the summary report (in English) of this workshop HERE.

Cover image from: Unsplash ©Presentsquare