The "Greenbook CAPonLITTER - Capitalizing good coastal practices and improving policies to prevent marine litter" is one of the results of the CAPonLITTER Interreg Europe Project.

This document summarizes all the aspects developed within Phase 1 of the Project, presenting the goals of the Regional Stakeholder Workshops, as well as the Interregional Learning Events (ILE). 

Additionally, it summarizes every good practice identified and presented by the different Stakeholders, invited by the various partners of the seven countries involved. These good practices focused on the three axis of the CAPonLITTER Project: zero-waste beaches and beach facilities; zero-waste coastal communities; and zero-waste beach communities. 

The Greenbook also includes the Action Plans developed by  the partners - which include the actions developed by each country in partnership with their stakeholders. These actions were inspired by the aforementioned good practices.

The CAPonLITTER Greenbook fully illustrates how rich the stakeholder involvement and exchange of ideas was, within the CAPonLITTER Project!

The Greenbook has an ISBN, and its official launch event will be on Monday, 05 June 2023, during the World Environment Day, at NOVA School of Science and Technology! More information on the book launch can be found here (in Portuguese).

Because of its size, the Greenbook cannot be uploaded directly to the Interreg Europe CAPonLITTER Website Library. 

You can access the full CAPonLITTER Greenbook document here.

Find out more about the impact of the CAPonLITTER Project in this video.