The final big moment of Phase 2 of the CAPonLITTER Project materialized with the Final Events: the Partner Meeting and the High-Level Final Dissemination Event. The Partner Event took place on 16 May 2023, whereas the Final Dissemination Event took place on the following day, 17 May.

The goal of the Partner Meeting is to discuss what must be completed by the time Phase ends -- and, additionally, to clarify questions Partners may have about Phase 2 activities, Phase 2 reporting, and Lump Sum Payment.

However, to turn the meeting into a more dynamic activity, the Partners decided to divide the event into two different parts, which was led by the FCT-NOVA Team:

  • Workshop with the Partners and respective invited Stakeholders
  • Partners Meeting

During the Stakeholders Workshop, the different participants were split into groups, where, during three phases of group-word, they tried to answers the main questions:

  • Why does EU Policy not get implemented/operationalized at the local level?
  • In the European Policy context, what is missing to fully implement/operationalize good coastal practices at the local level?

With the goal of obtaining a set of recommendations to the European Commission for the anchorage of these good practices at the local level.

Indeed, a summary of the obtained results was presented the following day, on the High-Level Public Dissemination Event, so every attendee could get a grasp of the work developed by the consortium.

After the Workshop, it was time for the Partners Meeting -- which answered minor questions some Partners still had about the finalization of the CAPonLITTER Project.

A summarized version of the Stakeholders Workshop, including some photographs, can be found in the Project's Library here.