The 2nd French Regional Stakeholders Workshop of the CAPonLITTER project was organized by PP7 (association MerTerre). It took place on the 28th of January 2021 in Marseille, online due to the Covid crisis. The event aimed to reflect upon “how to make the coastal tourism and recreational activities go zero waste?”.

Isabelle Poitou, director of MerTerre, hosted and presented the session, including the meeting agenda, the results of the first stakeholder workshop, the methodology and objectives of the day.

Participants were splitted and sent to three virtual rooms. Led by members of the MerTerre team, they have worked on 2 of the 6 challenges previously highlighted by the 9 CAPonLITTER partners. These challenges are the main issues that need to be solved in order to reduce marine litter coming from coastal activities. Diversity among stakeholders allowed successful dialogues, answering objectives of the meeting. The willingness of all participants highlights the interest and the relevance of CAPonLITTER project and ensures a solid basis to create a network of keys actors.

Six good practices were then presented and developed. Issues restraining their implementation were discussed and highlighted by the stakeholders. The outcome will become part of the future « Green Book », gathering good practices established among partners of European countries.

The willingness and collaborative work of the participants highlighted their high level of interest and the relevance of the CAPonLITTER project. It’s a great sign showing the emergence of a strong network of key European actors.

You may find the complete report (in French) and the summary report (in English) of this workshop HERE.