The 3rd Regional Stakeholders Group meeting of the 2 CircPro Italian partners, Regione Piemonte and University of Torino, took place in Torino (Italy) on the 7th November 2019 and gathered 20 attendees from 10 institutions.

The first part of the agenda was addressed to the main events occurred in the last 6 months of project activity, and on coming events as well, including :

Further presentation was dedicated to introducing the Unito Green Office, a hub created to lead, coordinate and promote activities and initiatives to speed up and improve sustainability principles in the University of Torino. In particular, the presenter introduced a recent initiative relevant to the reorganization of vending machines service (food and beverages) in line with environmental and sustainability principles. The initiative included an eco-innovative procurement carried out within the European Project SPP Regions, aimed at promoting the creation and expansion of European regional networks of municipalities working together on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI). Noteworthy is the award received by Unito’s initiative during the XIII Edition of the “Compraverde Green Forum”, a major event dedicated to public and private policies, projects and initiatives on green and sustainable procurement.

The agenda time schedule leaded to a new session made by the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) that hopefully will soon turn into a regional Stakeholder of the Circpro project. The presentation shared by UNISG with CircPro attendees was relevant to the “Circular economy Food Hub”, a memorandum of understanding signed last May by the UNISG and Regione Piemonte that aims at creating a platform to disseminate circular economy good practices and initiatives relevant to the food chain.

Finally, University of Torino provided information on its forthcoming activities including the publication entitled “Joint Public Procurement and Innovation: lessons across borders” as well as the introduction of a regional Competence Centre that aims to establish a community of experts, public administrators, PMIs and European Projects dealing with innovative procurement .