2017 edition of Basque Cluster day: more than 100 people reflected on the future of #clusters in Euskadi (& beyond)

This year the Basque Cluster Day addressed the opportunities that social challenges pose for the generation of shared value, through technology and competitiveness and the role of clusters in that process and as facilitators of the collaboration between the private sector and the science, technology and innovation system.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss and share the different perspectives, combining the business, the cluster association, the administration and the Basque science, technology and innovation network vision.

The 5th Basque Stakeholders Group meeting of the CLUSTERS3 project also took place within the framework of the Basque Clusters Day. In this occasion, the attendants had the opportunity to discuss the recommendations of the International Expert Report (Peer Review) that represent a relevant input for the agenda to improve the Cluster Policy. 

Juan Domingo Olabarri - Clusters3 project coordinator SPRI Cluster Coordination Manager

Why should clusters look beyond borders? This session reflected on the learnings of the latest CLUSTERS3eu learning workshop in Riga, in which project partners addressed the worth of cooperation for the promotion of competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of SME’s and clusters. During the afternoon, a workshop-debate took place to explore how Basque Science and Technology Network and Clusters can cooperate to boost the competitiveness of the entire value chain of the clusters.